Friday, January 1, 2016


(BUD the Snow Dude!! is still available. I have not listed him yet but just get a hold of me if interested. He will be listed soon in my etsy shoppe unless he sells first!! Christmas time got in the way!!)
We had a quiet night at home. Well the neighbors did light a few fire works! We ate at Arby's for dinner using some cool coupons I had and best part no dishes!! Plus we saved some money. Something I always like to work on. I think I have decided what my word for 2016 is gonna be!! Last night when I watched the ball come down I saw the word "priceless" on a building and it just keeps sticking in my head!! But I have been thinking life is "priceless" people are "priceless" n the gifts God gives us are "priceless" n Love is "priceless".
I think like everyone I have been a bit gone from my blogging!! Sometimes the business of life gets in the way n I take the short cuts through social media. I miss the blogs but I also have a problem reading blogs with all the advertisements on them. My computer takes for ever to load up n I get impatient. Ha just realized my time is also "priceless".
I have been working on some new things in my etsy shoppe. I started a new section called "JUNQUE YARD RESCUES". Can ya digg it? I just love it and also making the new rescues for it!! Here are just a few. "Peggy" SOLD right away. My dogg "Frankie Ray" is still available.
 FRANKIE RAY still available from this link.
Up cycled from an old vintage coat and put onto a old rusty spring. I also added a vintage dog license from Michigan and a piece of real rusty chain link.
Peggy is made from an old gas can nozzle with other rusty parts and a quilt piece dress. She's really cool.
Well just wanted to stop in n say hey!!! I am working on some special orders which is very cool. I love it n keeps me crazy busy but in a good way!!
Hope you are all doing good. Thanks for stopping by!!
XOXO Love Fran.

"PRICELESS"> extremely valuable or important!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stoppin in to say Hey Whatz Up?

Here are just a few of the things that have been keeping me busy!! A lot of special orders and a lot of sewing here at the Funky Farm House!! I love being busy and I also love that people love my gigs!! Fall is in the air!! and now it's time for me to start thinkin about Christmas goodies!! It will be here before we know it!! I've got some things in my head!! Now just some more time to get em going!!
Hope you guys are havin a great FALL!! and lot's of Pumpkin Spice goodies!!
and thinkin about what to make with your Turkey for Thanksgiving!!
I know I am!! haha maybe a few to much goodies!! And I love me some pumpkin pie with cool whip!! Thank God it only happens once a year!! Don't forget to change your clocks back next weekend!! Hey we get an extra hour of sleep!! Ha I think it messes me up!! My schedule is always an hour off somehow!!
Peace Out!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Well Happy Labor Day Guys!!!

Here it is Labor Day already!! Summer is almost gone!! But we still have Indian Summer to look forward to. AND I believe it is gonna be warm for awhile!!
This is my new creation!! My "HIPSTER DUDE" that is up cycled onto some pretty jazzy items. I truly had a blast thinkin n makin him up!! I love his bow tie!! It was fun to make!!
Have a groovey day whatever you are doing!!
XOXO Love Fran.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hope you are havin a groovey summer guys!!

So I had this doll in my head and I just couldn't get it out!! So on my vacation I cut it out and got busy makin her!! OMG she turned out more amazing than I could imagine!! She's very detailed with a sweet lil face!!
Ok here's the story
She is "THE TOMATO WHISPER" Are you confused?
 Aw she is a tomato WORM doll!! She's jazzy green and looks very much like a green tomato worm!! She whispers and the tomatoes come right to her!! She has a tomato pin keep that comes with her. And also a groovey worm on the bottom of her grubby dress to let the tomatoes know who's boss. She is dirty (very grubby) from being in the garden watching and whispering!!
August is tomato thyme!!
She's available in my Etsy Shoppe! from the link below!! or just click on the sidebar it takes you to my shoppe!!
I'm working on special  orders right now but I am looking forward to making some FALL gigs!! Cuz I just LOVE FALL and PUMPKINS n CROWS!!!
Love Fran.

Saturday, July 4, 2015



Been Makin THUMBPRINTS in The Thumb of Michigan again!! We had our first vacation up in Port Austin, Michigan. Home of the beautiful sunsets!!

This is Beautiful Lake Huron!!!

AND I can take Zip Lining off my bucket list!! All I could do was hop across!! I couldn't even lift my other foot up!! Sad very sad!!

AND this happened while I was gone!! My awesome beautiful lilies bloomed!!! BUT we had to make a quick day trip home and I got to see it and take pics!! AND also I got a new to me van!! In my favorite color orange of course!! I miss my little orange car I had but it was time. This one works out great with our little grannie girl and my son when I pick him up. Also great for vacation the seats go right down in the floor.

I had a customer that wanted me to change the dress on this sweet bunny I had in my Etsy Shoppe. It turned out just great!! I have also been working on orders n gardening outside. I just wanted to stop in n say hi!!
Hope you are havin a great 4th of July!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
XOXO Love Fran.