Friday, September 5, 2014


Ok I have been kinda feeling like my new CROW DOLL "Wren in the Willow"!! She's sittin on my old vintage swing just coppin a lean. I have been workin and nesting around here at the Funky Farm House. I started with the outside and now I have been nesting in the diningroom/kitchen area and onto the livingroom. I also felt like I needed a blog update. I added a new pic to the top and I really like it a lot better.

Actually "WILLOW" is a pretty cool CROW. I designed her and put a lot of handsewing into her. She has a bird on her head with a nest. The bird and her arms are made from an old dresser scraf with hand emboirdery that I grubbied up real good it had seen better days!! I used some of my favorite black polyester and red and white polka dotted poly material also.
I  made one of my funky flowers from the calico and dresser scraf into a brooch and sewed a safety pin on the back so you can wear it if you want to.

I also made her a Pin Apron and stitched her name "WILLOW" onto it.
I learned about pin aprons from the Civil War re-enactments I have been to. I have used them before and they are so sweet.
"WILLOW" will be heading off to my shoppe real soon!!
 I have been creating a lot in between my nesting!! Clean sew clean sew!! Wheww!! LOL it has been so humid here it gets kinda uncomfortable sometimes lot's of showers!!
And I got to take some time off from nesting and watched Madeline Grace the other day!! WOO HOO this Grannie Frannie was a happy one!! Oh my goodness she is so adorable!! We had fun just me n her! I even sewed while she was sleeping! I read out of the Readers Digest to her about being happy and feeling rich without having to have money!! She's a good listener!!

And this pretty little mommy-to-be had the cutest shower ever!! DR SUESS one of my favorite books!! I still have all my books from when I was little. Shannon is such a pretty girl and I use to babysit her when she was growing up!! Her and Kaitlin were one year apart. Shannon lived right next door. But now she lives up in town. I love her so much!! She's havin a boy and the shower was such a hoot!! I felt like a kid again myself!! LOL

Part of my nesting!! The lil chick is going into my shoppe too.
 I had fun using my stuff for props!! I probably sound like I have been doing a lot and I have but believe me it has taken me a long time doing it! LOL
I LOVE nesting and creating and feel blessed to be able to do both!! I am working on Pumpkins it takes me awhile cuz I hand sew everything but that is what I LOVE to do!! I am trying to get everything done by the 15th as I am having my surgery again then and need my medicine pretty bad. But one thing after the surgery I get to sew for awhile!! as I rest!! Woo Hoo!!
Hope you are all doing good!!
Happy Fall Y'all!
Love Fran.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WOW where is our summer going?

Well at least I got some smore's in!! LOL we went on another trip to The Thumb of Michigan. We stayed in a rustic cabin and had a fire. I thought my goodies just looked so cute.

We went to Port Sanilac to see a Civil War Re-enactment. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. I love the way they just camp right at the Museum and live just like they did at that time. Even cooking and eating right in make shift tents.
There was also a Vintage Trailer show. This trailer here is from a little town about 6 miles from where I live!! It was so cool they are fixing it up and re painting it. People just let us walk right through the trailers!!

I was pretending to do the dishes here!! This was the sweetest lil vintage kitchen set up. I loved the colors. This is the same colors I have in my kitchen.
Made to look just like home!! One of my favorite things was the outside of this one set up like a deck/yard with all vintage items and board games, vintage picnic stuff and vintage camping stuff. etc. They had old bikes they rode around on too. Just too cool!!

One of my favorite things too was riding into the small towns and looking for rusty stuff. The nature is just so pretty and the deer are so funny watching what you do sometimes. There are a couple of deer in the trees but you can't see them very good but boy can they see us!! LOL

This is what I was looking for. I found these little tiny rusty plugs. They are about 1/2" across and about an inch high. I made some of my "lil chicks" and put them onto it with a bit of moss. These are so sweet. I will be adding them to my Etsy Shoppe.

Last Saturday our town had our "Back to The Bricks' classic car show. This was my set up in our parking lot at church for "the Junk in the Trunk" sale. It was hot but our town was full of cars, and lot's of people!! Sim sold 10 of his cool barn wood Birdhouses over at he Farmers Market Open Air Market!! It was so fun we were a block away from each other. But every once in awhile he'd walk over to see me for a quick second!! LOL Nick Danielle and our sweet Madeline showed up at the gig in town!! It was fun to show her off!! Sorry no pics I was just enjoying having her there!! They came and surprised us!!

Hey a red tomato showed up in my "JUNQUE GARDEN". Just can't seem to get rid of those darn tomato worms!! This one came from "Farmer Joe's" garden!!

Next week starts our Genesee County Fair!! You bet I am excited! Going to be hanging out with my BFF's the GOATS!! Lot's of fun things will be happening!! Sim is gonna be on vacation and we are having a yard sale next week too so been trying to go through things!! Ha that's always fun!!
Hope everyone is doing good!! Talk to ya soon!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.



Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Been Rockin it out here@ the Funky Farmhouse!!

Lookin through the Sunflowers!!
Right in front of where I have been workin/playin!!
Close up!!
Here's Gary our Goat! I gave him an old rusty bell tied with twine!

Hey there just been workin/playin really hard here on the front trying to make it more like a Funky Farmhouse!! LOL It has taken me about 3 weeks so far!!
If you could watch me you would laugh!! I have all my tools out and then there is my old rusty layin down lawn chair right there with it all!! Oh my gosh I digg and plant and play for awhile and then sit up in my real funky lawn chair and rest!! It is old and broke but still works!! And by golly I am gonna use it til I can't!! LOL
Sim and I are in our Mt. Morris Historical Society. Sim is the President and pretty much runs it. I am the secretary of course!! LOL Sim does a lot of presentations. This pic is taken on the back porch of the oldest house we have left in our hometown. It has a very awesome story and is about to be torn down by the land bank of Flint. BUT Sim got it put on hold to see if we can get grants to save it!! And YES it is the one house I would leave my house for!!
We actually got(bought) the old sign back that use to be on it when we were kids!! Can ya digg it!!!

And it even has a Cat that resides in it!! If you could see the roof on the back you would know how it lives there!! And right on cue this lil sweetie jumped up on the roof and went in during the presentation!! LOL
I noticed when I went up to town and Sim was mowing the place for the presentation that there were a lot of wild blackberries growing around. So Sim and I went back and picked all of the ripe ones. I was able to make 71 plus the 2 Sim and I ate thumbprint cookies!! I just took white sugar and made the berries like a jam and put it in my fridge and then in a few days I made the cookies!! I found a real yummy Kraft recipe for it. I used some of my cool goodies for display like my old berry pickin crate, an old table runner, old blue jar with day lilies also from the yard. Sim made a sign that says "Stage Coach" Cookies on it. This place was a Coach Stop on The old Mackinac Trail in Michigan. Going up to the Mackinac Bridge. It also was a boarding house and that part is still in pretty good shape except for that darn roof!! Our town has a very cool history with a lot of founding people coming from Mt. Morris, New York. That is why we have the same name as Mt. Morris, New York.

I also went to my son Danny's group home picnic on Friday and we had a blast!! Danny loves this kind of stuff and he was so happy!! I was able to send some good pics to his sister Kaitlin in Connecticut!! Danny looks so much like my Dad and is built a lot like him. My Dad was a little dude!! LOL 

Been kickin out some "JUNQUE GARDEN" green tomtos. Well I actually have a red one almost done too. Just needs its junque garden made. And you know it I LOVE makin these!! Got some thoughts on some pumpkins too!

Ok now don't laugh but this the outfit I wore to church. We are havin a "JUNK IN THE TRUNK SALE" on August 9th. Our whole town is gonna be shut down with a lot goin on!! The Back to the Bricks classic cars will be in our town for the day!! SO I came up with this ideal for us to have in our parking lot!! And this is such a hoot the Pastor of my Church she's a lady found these on her vacation in Virginia!! So I guess it's ok to wear them!! LOL I have been wearing them the last two weeks to church to advertise!! Lot's of laughing! and so great to hear it!! I took my suitcase this past week with a few of my Funky Farmhouse girls and my "GOATS" to show them!! I will be wearing them that day too!!

This event is gonna be so much fun and just what our lil ole town needs!!

Here is an old fishing tackle box that Sim gave me for my rusty things I gather!! I just LOVE it!! It has a ruler on the top of it for measuring!! And the best part it is it's already rusty!! LOL You know I am digging that!!
I am workin on a lot of new stuff that needs to be finished in one way or another. Some need a grubby touch and some need just to get the last touch on them. I do love all that goes with it!! I am trying to fill up my Etsy Shoppe and have enough for the "JUNK IN THE TRUNK SALE"!!
 Keep on Keepin on!!
I'm off to do some sewing!  

XOXO Love Fran.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Alot happening here around the Funky Farmhouse!!

This sweet Mama

gave us Madeline Grace on July 7th!!
 Proud Daddy Nick holding her!! Already Madeline has made this family so blessed and happy! She's so sweet!! The new family will be coming home today!! This Grannie is so excited!!
Some other things that have been going on around here!!

I have been gardening around here in my new/old boots!! And my lettuce is coming in and I have already made two Taco salads from it!! Boy is good!! I have also been working on the front of the house. I am digging up a lot of it and it is taking me a long time!! LOL And now it's been raining!!

Here is a Funky Farm gathering I have been working on. I finally got it done!! I love how it turned out!! Anyone wanna buy some berries? in a vintage cheese box with a little friend in it? LOL This will be goin to the shoppe.

And you all know my love for GOATS!! This lil sweetie was so much fun to make!! I got the material at an estate sale and it actually is some shirts someone was making and didn't finish. I love using polyester from days gone by. I added some patriotic pins to "Uncle Sam" on his ear kinda like the tags they use on the goats at the Fairs. This is my own design I made from my pics I have of the goats from the County fair. Alittle funky for sure!!!
I can't believe how fast the summer is going!! Kaitlin has been here for 2 weeks and is leaving at the end of the week!! I am sure gonna miss her!! I will be kickin out some more gigs. I need to sew to help keep my mind busy!! LOL
Have a groovey day!!
Love ya Fran.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Still being Funky here at the Farmhouse!!!

 Ok I got the pics from the shower off of another G-MA photos!! Here is the cake and the cupcakes displayed and ready for eating on my new make-do hutch Sim made me!! It's so cool! It's an egg incubator and a wooden ironing board put together!!

 And here are the groovey cupcakes and Piggs in a Mud Pile Cake!! My Cuzin Kathy is an award winning Wilton Teacher at JoAnn's Fabric!! Her and I grew up together. Kathy's art are cakes and mine is sewing!! We also work great together!! Doesn't she rock?
 This is my Daughter in Loves!! They are so pretty!! Christine is on the left and Danielle is the preggo one!!
 Madeline Grace is blessed with a lot of G-MA's!! And there are 2 Great G-Ma's not in the pic!!
 This is the first time I had my Irises bloom!! LOL I added the pine cuz I knew it didn't have any poison ivy in it!! I have been dealing with poison ivy for a few weeks now!! Had to stop gardening which killed me!! Now I am gardening in long sleeves and jeans and taking a lot of showers from the heat!! LOL

I also whipped up another Coffee Cup Coozie!! Why should only tea have them?

I also made this "JunQue Garden Tomato" pin keep!! Oh I had a lot of fun making it!! Check out my cool worm!! I am so proud of it!! This is already in the shoppe which you can go to on m sidebar!! I would love for you to stop by!! and I am making another "JunQue Garden Tomato" and strawberries too!! I think I love the tomatoes the best!!
Here is one of my farm house dinners. I didn't have enough tin foil to make pockets so I just put it in my big glass pan. It was so yummy!! I just used chicken legs that were on sale!! I have been dieting and I have lost 6 lbs!! which is amazing for me it's been less than a month!! How true it is if you eat right it helps!! I feel better and have more energy too!!

Well off to the garden and then more sewing on the strawberries!!
Keep on Keepin on my groovey friends!!
Love ya Fran.