Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Check out my Cool "Hot Cocoa Bar"

Oh my goodness on Saturday I did a Craft Bazaar in a little town not to far from here. I always make my Home Made Cocoa this time of year. I just kept thinking I wanted to set up a "HOT COCOA BAR"!! So that is what I did!! And it was a big hit. So I am going to be expanding it at the next show I am doing! LOL You can't tell in this picture but I have my stuff displayed on a vintage sled. I will be doing a 2 day show at my church that I am co-chairing. Which by the way is making me exhausted!! LOL there is a lot of work putting on a show especially if you want it to be a successful one!! and be in it!!! 
So I am mainly working on that and some other small items. I really want to get this done so I can work on some more of those really cool "JUNQUE CHICK" brooches!! LOL I found some cool rusty stuff on the ground today!! I am always looking!!

If you look on the right side of the sled and Cocoa goodies you can see a small Christmas Tree. On that Christmas Tree are real grungy small boys socks that I added Snowman faces to and loops. I didn't have enough time to do what I really wanted to do BUT for the next one I will be adding Cone bags of Home Made Cocoa inside of them and I have already made grubby tags for them that are in the shape of coffee cups. I had more guys walk up and tell me how cool they were!! I loved it!! I can't wait to get them finished!!
If only there were more hours in the day!!
 Keep on Keepin On!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.

Thursday, November 6, 2014



Check out my "JUNQUE CHICK" brooches. Oh my gosh this came out even better than I imagined in my head!! I LOVE it!! and it sure was a big hit around here. lol I thought my daughter Brooke was gonna take it for herself!! lol I told her I didn't think she liked my stuff!!  she said she loved this one!! Sim thought it was pretty cool too!! But he is one of my biggest fans!!
Can ya digg the little baby sweater I grubbied up real good for displaying?
I used some of that varigated yarn I got at the estate sale with my new vintage quilt I have on my couch. Added some of my cool junque I have picked up on my adventures. I have been saving that cool beer cap just for something cool like this. Her collar is made from another quilt I thrifted along time ago and is all hand stitched with teeny tiny stitches. I had an awesome box of old white buttons I used for her funky eyes. She's not quite 6". This one is made special for someone. But you can bet this bagglady is gonna be making and taking orders for more. Let me know what ya think!! I shared here on my blog first before facebook.
Keep on Keepin on!!!
Peace Out!!
XOXO Love Fran.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Cool Vintage Finds!!


Oh my goodness I have been doing some thrifting and I got some real super cool things and deals!! This very old Mans Suiting Handmade Quilt came from an estate sale. The lady who was selling her Fathers Estate said her Father was 100 and his Mother lived to 101!! I am not sure how old this quilt is but I knew I had to get it. I was kinda freakin cuz I only had $9.00 on me!! She told me she wanted $10.00. So I saw some yarn and 2 chalkboards I wanted too. I put it all together and asked if she would take $9.00 for it all. She told me cuz I had the yarn in there too she would!! LOL I got this quilt cuz I loved it and also to keep me warm this winter if the power goes out!! It is like it was made for my vintage living room!! That is my big girl Teddy Bear I got as a gift a few years ago!! I just Love it and my new orange fur throw. I got that with the money I made off my "JUNQUE GIRL DOLL" I sold to my friend.

Oh my gosh have you seen the new Milano Pumpkin Spice Cookies? Yummo!!
This is my granny square coffee cup cozy I had my sweet girl Holly from http://damitasprettywrap.blogspot.com/ make up for me and a matching coaster!! It matches my living room so good. Don't you just love spoiling yourself? And if you don't do it you should!!! Cuz you deserve it!! Took me awhile but all my kids are grown up now so I can and do.
This is my Funky Witch Doll that I got in The Thumb of Michigan at a craft show. She's really cool and has a little purse and the bottom of an old oil lamp. The pillow is from my Secret Sister from church last year. I just love it.


In this corner of my living room I just added a crow to my fur cape and put a sunflower in my Moms old orange vase with some real peacock feathers and dried found cat tales from the side of the road. I love being in this room. This room has alot of family things. I added some granny afghans and got some new rugs. I love all of it.

And I also wanted to share my 6 vintage coats I got from the thrift store and one from a yard sale. I went to the thrift store on half off the entire store day last month and got 5 of these and the brown suede one Sim and I got at a sale. I got all of them for $9.50!! I have added it up a few times and I can't believe it either!! LOL I will be making critters and some cool funky things from them. They are worn and missing buttons on some but oh how I love them!!!

And these are my new gigs I am making! Once again this is my own design and all hand sewed. I have SOLD one already and the others are available. I will be making more and have a new design all drawn out for something else for Christmas!! My Shoppe link https://www.etsy.com/shop/thebagglady76?ref=em
 Christmas will be here soon!! Oh my goodness!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
Peace  Out!!
XOXO Love Fran.


Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hope you guys are havin a great groovey Fall!! When you come to the Funky Farmhouse our scarie Scare Crow will welcome you with open arms. And an alter of Maple leaves pumpkins n gourds and lights lead you to our home!!
We don't have a light on our porch and we have no street lights. So I asked Sim to make me a porch light as I was havin the church ladies over for a meeting and some groovey Fall treats. This is what he came up with!! That is our scare crow from our garden this summer. We call him Otis T. Hicks. A branch of our Maple tree  some rusty funky junk and BOOM it's an awesome welcome!!! It's even cooler with the lights on. The only cost was the 50 cent pumpkins and gourds I bought adding up to $3.00. The leaves are leaving the trees around here but it sure has been pretty. Thanks for stopping by.
Keep on Keepin on
XOXO Love ya Fran.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

iT's GoNE!!!

Well we tore down our little funky garden on Monday. This is the last pick of my banana peppers which were very awesome this year.  I got 7 lil bags to freeze from this bunch.  

I LOVE using them in my Funky farm House dinners that are so easy to make. I also LOVE using them with onions and fried potatoes. This lil dinner here cost me around $3.00 to make for the whole thing. Gotta digg that.

OH MY GOSH I have been watching our sweet Little Madeline Grace. I had her 4 times last week. She loves to look up at this mirror I have with all of the vintage jewelry on it. She is sure getting to this Grannie's heart.

This is a new gig for my Etsy Shoppe I threw together. I used a piece of an old cutter quilt and a new little hand sewed bird I added to some moss and a chicken feather I added to finish it off and one of my lil grubby tags that says "Bird Dog". This is an old vintage dog planter.

This is my new FALL "JUNQUE GIRL". I LOVE LOVE how she turned out!! I SOLD this one before she was even finished. One of my Best Friends bought her from me!! We are going shopping and out to lunch tomorrow and I am using the money I made to have fun with!! and she loves her new Fran. original!!
Just been keeping busy and trying to get things done for the changing of the season. One thing about it though Fall is sure beautiful!!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
Peace Out!!
XOXO Love Fran.