Saturday, July 4, 2015



Been Makin THUMBPRINTS in The Thumb of Michigan again!! We had our first vacation up in Port Austin, Michigan. Home of the beautiful sunsets!!

This is Beautiful Lake Huron!!!

AND I can take Zip Lining off my bucket list!! All I could do was hop across!! I couldn't even lift my other foot up!! Sad very sad!!

AND this happened while I was gone!! My awesome beautiful lilies bloomed!!! BUT we had to make a quick day trip home and I got to see it and take pics!! AND also I got a new to me van!! In my favorite color orange of course!! I miss my little orange car I had but it was time. This one works out great with our little grannie girl and my son when I pick him up. Also great for vacation the seats go right down in the floor.

I had a customer that wanted me to change the dress on this sweet bunny I had in my Etsy Shoppe. It turned out just great!! I have also been working on orders n gardening outside. I just wanted to stop in n say hi!!
Hope you are havin a great 4th of July!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
XOXO Love Fran.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hope everyone is gettin into the groove of Summer Thyme!! The Funky Farmhouse is gettin into the swing of Summer!! Gardens are being planted weeds are being pulled and vacations planned!! Woo Hoo!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
Love Fran.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

There is alot of fun Americana Summer Gigs goin on!!

Hop on over to Etsy to find some amazing Americana and Summer Thyme Red White Blue gigs from some awesome talented FAAP TEAM Etsy artists!! Each item so unique!! Check it out soon it ends June 10th and there are some sales too!! I love the USA gigs and some of my stuff is there too!!
Peace Out!!
Love Fran.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


 Special Order for a gal in California!! My "Kin Folk" are soakin up the rays in Cali!! XOXO
New Gig from thebagglady76!!!
will be available in my etsy shoppe!!
It's Graduation time out there!!
Slowly but surely getting my groove back!! It's been a long time my friends. Lookin up, movin forward and feelin groovey!! Summer Thyme is here and it so great to have better weather. Been getting dirty in my funky gardens!! Can't wait to take pics!! I am also excited about the parade up town tomorrow!! I have been workin on my parade bike!! No sillies it is for my garden!! That was one of my favorite things to do at the summer parades!!
Keep on Keepin On!!
Love ya Fran. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oh how I LOVE Farmer's Markets!!


Hi Guys!!
I just wanted to share my new favorite gig I made lately. I got this jar no kidding at the St. Mary's Rummage Sale last summer. First of all I couldn't believe they charged me for a sauerkraut jar!! LOL But hey it is for a good cause!! I knew right away what to do with it!! It only took me this long to throw it together!! I experimented last summer with chalkboard spray paint which I also got at a sale!! Ok I am in LOVE with it!! I had made a bunch of these tomatoes from a thrifted sweatshirt. They are so cute. I made as many as I could from that shirt!! And have used them in quite a few things. I LOVE my green tomato worms too. This is in my etsy shoppe.
Always a story with the materials that I use!! I wish you could be with me sometimes. I have so much fun!! Sim and I are known to just get up and go walkin or drivin to look for rusty stuff!! Sometimes gone for hours and my daughter wondering where we have gone now. Seems like we always forget the cell phone!! LOL
Spring is here but it is still quite cold. I can not wait for the sunshine to stay and warm up the gardens so I can work in them.
Have a groovey weekend. I have a super duper busy one!!
Love Fran.